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    The reggae king

    “Meet Mike. I am a dj living with M.S. I am known as djSlim The Gen Z Selecta, Reggae King or The Black Assassin. I grew up with the world of Reggae Music. The genre has always captivated me. From soothing Reggae to the Hype of Dancehall. Watching state shows and clashes, going to parties and such, I knew being a DJ was imminent. Fast forward in life i became a DJ. I always wanted to travel and play out but come to find out, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and due to it’s affects on my body I can’t at this moment. There is lots of pain but my story doesn’t end there. Thanks to Chinese Assassin DJs I was given an outlet. One day one friend of mine did introduce me to the Man Behind the Mask. He listened and understood my situation and love for what I wanted, took a chance,and gave me a strength. He brought me on the Sound System! I still don’t play out, which is ok cause I still get to put my style in music out globally. I get to share my love of Reggae music with others. Sweet Reggae music soothes. It is a positive force. Reggae has an unexplainable healing power! Music IS therapy.”

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    “get a strength, no more ???.”
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    Your Bio if you have one goes here along with some info about your music. Please note we do not give a strength to artits who has a licensing deal, contract or any arrangement with any distributor. I'm not a distributor and I strongly urge you to go through one of the many major distributors listed to promote your music. This platform is to give the struggling artist, new artist, the voiceless a strength

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    01.How do I send you my music?
    You have to contact me first before you send anything. You can reach me at blackassassin416@gmail.com
    02. Is there a fee?

    We do not charge a fee to give you a strength,however there may be a small fee to cover the expenses of the website

    03. How do I distribute my song with you?
    I'm not a distributor and therefore will not be giving a strength to any artist with licensing deals,copy right deals etc. We have provided a list of all the major distributors you can contact to distribute your music